Q: Can i have a video based on my preferences? For example, could i choose to have a my video in slow motion?

A: Of course! If you prefer slow motion that's perfectly fine with me! When I book clients, I request to have a meet up before finalizing so that I have a better understanding of what is wanted.

Q: How do you calculate your travel expenses?

A: It depends on where you need me to go! If you need my services in the state of Michigan, I calculate based on the amount miles I need to drive and if the distance requires a rental car. If you request me to travel out of state, I take into consideration the plane ticket, rental car, and hotel expenses.

Q: I don't live in michigan. how will i be able to discuss my vision with you?

A: Being out of state is not a problem for me! You can either call, Skype, or Facetime me! Go to my Contact page for my business email and I will provide my cell phone and video call information!


Q: how much do you charge for extra minutes?

 A: I charge $50 for any additional minutes on every package!

Q: is there a down payment when i book you?

A: Yes! Each package has a different down payment amount. Its purpose is to hold your spot! I will not put the event in my calendar without one. If your event unfortunately gets cancelled, I cannot refund the down payment.